SmartSite Project Site Migration

Smartsite has been retired. It has not been available for instructional use since June 2017, and is no longer available for project sites as of July 2018. If you had a SmartSite project site, and you need a new location for the materials, or want an alternative recommendation for a new project site. This webpage can help you.

SmartSite course and project site migration paths.
To start, review the illustration on this page. Academic course sites are now in UC Davis Canvas. As for project sites: it depends on what you need. If the you need to support a recognized UC Davis student organization, look into AggieLife (previously OrgSync). If you mostly need to do file-sharing, then might be all you need. If those basic choices aren’t sufficient, hit the “Site Assessment Tool” button, upper left, or review other recommended alternatives for your non-academic project site needs.